Digital auditing is the process of reviewing and analyzing a company's digital assets and online presence to ensure compliance with industry standards, as well as to identify potential issues or areas for improvement. This can include reviewing websites, social media accounts, online advertising campaigns, and other digital marketing efforts.

The goal of digital auditing is to provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their digital presence and help them make informed decisions about how to improve it.

Digital Auditing

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Do you want to know where you stand in the digital landscape or vs your competitors? We are here to help!

We provide two (2) comprehensive reports, Basic or Advanced which can help you to evaluate your business performance vs your competitors.

Basic Audit

Number One
General Digital Analysis VS Competition.
Number Two
General comments VS Competitors.
Number Three
Business Profile (Yours & Competitors).
Number Four
Final Score.
Number Five
Suggestions on how to perform better and increase your ROI.

Advanced Audit

All the basic included
All the basic included, plus.
Number One
Process Review.
Number Two
All company campaigns & any other promotional activity.
Number Three
Advertising channels review.
Number Four
Internal data (for live stores).
Number Six
Combine physical data with digital data.
Number Seven
Competition Positioning.
Number Eight
Summary & Recommendations.

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