The power to find out what works and what doesn’t, and then build on what is actually effective is really at the heart of all good internet marketing.

Web analytics provides a complete picture of your audience, including their attitudes and behaviours towards your brand.

It is the most valuable, useful, cost-effective and timely resource that a business needs so as to be able to answer key strategic questions pertaining to marketing activities and ROI.

Web analytics is the science of online marketing. It is the practical measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data that has no need for the “art” involved in traditional marketing.

Advanced Web Analytics

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Why do you need advanced web analytics?

The reality is that you can never predict exactly what will happen. You simply don’t know how well your PPC ads or social media tactics will perform; or how your visitors will interact with your site.

There are so many unknowns when you begin an online marketing campaign and obviously, you want to base as much of your efforts as possible on market research, measurable KPIs, quantifiable data and best practices.

Without web analytics, you won’t know what’s working, or what isn’t. You won’t be able to test, tweak and improve on any component of your digital campaign so to deliver the biggest impact and highest ROI.

This is why web analytics is important in every aspect of digital marketing, from SEO to PPC, from brand monitoring to measuring social media engagement.

These are just some of the questions we can help you answer regarding your brand:

Number One
Who do we attract? Are they really potential clients? How many of them actually reach the conversion stage?
Number Two
Which channels bring the most visitors in total, and which bring those visitors that actually become our clients?
Number Three
Where do our most active visitors come from?
Number Four
What target market, marketing channel or campaign is worth assigning more budgets to, or not at all?
Number Five
What are our Acquisition Cost per Lead and our Cost per Conversion?
Number Six
Are we doing better or worse than our last campaign? Is the way we promote our company profitable?
Number Seven
What kind of content or pages seem to be more popular, or trigger user action?
Number Eight
What path is most frequently taken that leads to an actual conversion?
Number Nine
How long does it take for someone to decide to do business with us?

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