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Why Visual Content Improves Social Media Results

Attention is something very hard to grab and once you have managed to hold onto it, the clock is ticking as to how long you can keep someone interested. And as winning over attention is the name of the game when it comes to planning a successful social media strategy, your best bet is to look into what works best.

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3 Ways To Make Sure Your Link Profile Isn’t Toxic To Your Site

We all want a good link profile.

A profile consisting of those great inbound links that bring traffic back to your site.  The type of traffic is made up of visitors who otherwise may not have found you.

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How To Create Epic Online Content That Drives Traffic

Having content on your website is one thing.  Having great content on your site is quite another.

If you want to use content to drive traffic, whether it be traffic back to your site or to the plethora of social media channels out there, you need to make sure that the content you’re creating is the stuff that leads to social shares, links, engagement and virality.

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Why Nobody Is Reading Your Emails

Whilst we may not have the literal attention span of a goldfish, it does take people seconds, 2 apparently, to form a first impression.

And this 2-second rule applies to the recipients of emails as well. So much so that if your email doesn’t quite entice the reader to open it within that minuscule space of time, 51% of those recipients will delete it.

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